Published November 15, 2015

Twitter is a really cool social network. I daily use it and I discover a lot of new stuff with it. Unfortunately, it's a company, and they need to earn some money. More and more often, Twitter shows me unwanted content like tweets you could like, accounts to follow or what happens when you're away.

I don't want all these features, I just want the tweets of people I follow in chronological order. What I want is an RSS feed.

RSS, the perfect alternative to Twitter

Add an RSS feed in Hakyll

It's a really simple operation, everything is explained here. In the tutorial, they explain how to render either an Atom or an RSS feed. I decided to provide both. To do that, I've created a small function named createFeed.

createFeed :: Identifier -> RenderingFunction -> Rules ()

Where RenderingFunction is the signature provided by Hakyll for renderAtom and renderRss.

type RenderingFunction = FeedConfiguration
           -> Context String
           -> [Item String]
           -> Compiler (Item String)

Then, my function is just a copy paste from the function in the tutorial.

createFeed name renderingFunction = create [name] $ do
      route idRoute
      compile $ do
          posts <- fmap (take 10) . recentFirst =<<
              loadAllSnapshots "posts/*" "content"
          renderingFunction myFeedConfiguration feedCtx posts

Eventually, I just need to call my new function for renderAtom and renderRss.

createFeed "feed.xml" renderRss
createFeed "atom.xml" renderAtom

The HTML part

To make my feeds work with most of the aggregators, I need to add two links to my default template.

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="Thibaud Dauce's blog" href="./feed.xml">
<link rel="alternate" type="application/atom+xml" title="Thibaud Dauce's blog" href="./atom.xml">

Which reader

I personally use FreshRSS. It's a simple, self-hostable aggregator under the AGPL license. The installation is really simple and there is a lot of useful features (like keyboard shortcuts and integration with Wallabag)

The clear interface of FreshRSS