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What I have done recently?

Learning computer science at INSA

5 years

Geeking in web development

10 years

Reading fantasy and science fiction

15 years

Quantic Telecom, internet service provider.

Quantic Telecom

PHP web development

I founded my company with some friends two years ago after working as a non-profit organization during 3 years. Quantic Telecom is an internet service provider that respects net neutrality and works for people who have been forgotten by the large national operators.

I'm currently working on our information system with the Laravel framework. It manages a lot of useful tools (subscriptions, support, payment…) to improve our productivity. I love to use strong testing techniques and great event-sourced architectures.



Event sourcing and CQRS

During the summer of 2015, I carried a 3-month internship at Adludio, a London-based startup working on the next generation of mobile advertising. I enjoy working with modern tools like AWS and Docker.

During this period, I've developed a software in Python to clean data thanks to anomaly detection and played with D3.js for some visualizations. I've also handled the change from their old Event Store NoSQL database to a new architecture involving Amazon Kinesis and Amazon S3. I designed an interface for either batch (S3) or real time (Kinesis) analysis in NodeJS.



Data Mining with Scala on Spark GraphX

Libon is a mobile service designed to improve the communication we have with the people who matter. I've worked in a team of 5 students 22 hours a week during one year for their data scientist team.

We built a prototype using Apache Spark and GraphX to discover communities in their social network. I learned Scala and I develop a strong interest in functional programming and distributed algorithms. We've also used Zeppelin to visualize data.

Laravel 5

Laravel framework

Teaching and giving talks

One year ago, I started working for OpenClassrooms, a famous french MOOC platform. I'm following students during their training as web developpers and help them understanding the key-concepts of PHP and Symfony.
I also work as an independant teacher on the Laravel framework and provide mentoring and training courses for individuals and companies.

I started giving talks two years ago and I really enjoy speaking publicly! Please contact me if you're looking for a Laravel or PHP speaker.

Contact me!

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thibaud@dauce.fr [PGP key]

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+33 (0)6 29 33 37 76